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Why I Hate Marketing Emails

Why I Hate Marketing Emails

I hate sending marketing emails almost as much as you hate receiving them! Probably more, in fact. At least you can just delete them and move on to your regularly scheduled Netflix and Chill.

Me? I’m stuck here thinking up great ways to entice you to click on a link to our website and maybe, just MAYBE, purchase something so we can pay rent this month. Stressful right? You bet it is.

When I had the idea for Greenbriar Market it wasn’t so I could spend countless hours making Instagram posts to send into the algorithm abyss or to write emails that will likely end up in your spam filter on their way to the trash.

I started my own business to be part of your community and sell products that matter! Like REALLY matter! 

What do I mean by matter, you’re thinking? I mean selling candles free of cancer causing phthalates that are safe for you and your fur babies.😻🐶 Mat and I even got to design the scents for said candles inspired by some of our favourite places and feelings.  Oh! And they’re made right here in Calgary!

Then there are cool things like helping peoples switch over to the most amazing shampoo bars that are great for your hair and reduce the amount of plastic bottles you throw away! The shampoo bars in question? Made in New Brunswick! Win! Win! Triple Win!

I could go on but I’d rather tell you about these things in person! My favourite thing about my job is having you, yes YOU 🫵🏼, come in and discover new products and brands and tell us where you are at in your sustainable living journey. 

I want to continue doing more of what I love and spend less time crafting the “perfect” marketing email. This means more time filling your pickle jar with dish soap or your beer growler with Silvapure cleaner while I tell you about how you might have eaten sushi off one of the chopsticks that’s now part of the crib board you’re holding.

I look forward to seeing you before the end of the month so you can take advantage of 10% off liquid refills and we can pay rent and be here next month! For real though.

Truthfully yours,