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Why do people do this?

Why do people do this?
This week, I found myself hunched over forward, one leg sprawled out to the side, the other tucked up underneath me as I sat on the end of a folded towel on my garage floor. I heard myself asking “Why do people do this?” Out loud; to nobody in particular. 
My body was fighting against me but my mind was determined to find some kind of peace in this position. “All is well,” I tell myself. “ALL. IS. WELL.”  Nicole, if you’re reading this, thank you! This is my new mantra.
Back to the garage floor…. 

Thankfully, I’m being told that it’s okay to need a three block tower just to rest my forehead on if I can’t bend far enough forward to rest it on the mat. This is welcome news as my face is not coming anywhere near the floor beneath me. My body does not bend that way and I might as well be sitting up straight. It feels strange and weird to contort my body to yoga poses when I can barely touch my ankles, never mind my toes. But I know if I keep at this, eventually it will be okay, despite my extreme lack of flexibility (Mathew to insert joke here).  I can’t help but draw similarities to how people must feel when they walk into our shop for the first time. I’m sure it can be intimidating and frustrating if you’ve not shopped at a refillery before.

Here you are, wandering in, not knowing what to expect and BOOM! A whole store with brands you’ve never seen or heard of! Where do you even start!?  Which, by the way, is the question we get asked most frequently. 
 The great news is you don’t have to go it alone. Like having your own yoga instructor, my family are I are here to help you, answer questions and share our own experiences with the products we carry. You just have to ask. 
 It gets easier with time. Like yoga, the trick is to start slow and only slightly push outside your comfort zone. Maybe you start with a shampoo bar. Or you bring in your old Dawn dish soap bottle to get refilled with natural organic dish soap made in Canada. Perhaps you select an underarm detox bar and switch to a natural deodorant? Try bamboo toilet paper?  Tablet based cleaners? Just pick one or two things that you are out of at home and go from there! You don’t need to do it all at once and we don’t want you to throw out what you already own. Humans are creatures of habit and we like our habits. Our habits are cozy. And comfortable. And familiar. If we can manage to slowly push outside of what we already know and try something new, it can only help us to grow and be better. The new and scary soon becomes familiar. The toxic cleaners and skin care we swore by become a distant memory.

As for my yoga practice, it’s only been a week but I already feel better than I did that first morning sprawled out on the garage floor. Maybe I’ll be down to a two block tower by the end of the month!


P.S. Looking for new experiences? How about one of our amazing workshops?!

P.P.S. I’d love yo hear from you! Hit reply on this email and tell me about something new you tried that ended up being better than you expected! I’m sure to write back 🥰