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Razor Blade Realizations

Razor Blade Realizations

As I pulled the blade out of my razor 🪒 this morning and added it to the old mint tin filled with used blades, it dawned on me how much plastic waste Mat and I had diverted from the landfill with the simple switch to using a safety razor. 

Add to that are use of refillable shave soaps and we’d also stopped using shave soaps that come in plastic containers. Even when we were using an electric razor, the chemicals and plastic container it used to clean the razor was still creating unnecessary waste. ☠️

A simple switch to my everyday life that’s given me a better, more enjoyable shaving experience and cut down on single use plastics headed to the landfill. Double Win!🏆

As I stopped to think about it, I realized my morning routine had almost been completely replaced with products we carry at Greenbriar Market 💚!

After shaving, I popped a toothpaste tab and grabbed my bamboo toothbrush🦷! So much less plastic waste with this switch too! 

Hopping in the shower, I reached for my shampoo and conditioner bars nestled nicely on one of the 3D printed soap dishes made from 100% recycled plastics in Kelowna! Not only do they look cool 😎but they keep my bars from melting in a puddle of water which saves my soap and my money 💰. LOVE THAT!

I then reached for my favourite Adventure Soap🧼, which I helped make along side my pal Melba from Bowness Soapworks. How great is that? Still no plastic bottle in sight! 👀

Still not done.

Next I grabbed my konjac sponge to wash my face and paired it with my onyx face wash bar which I always do after shaving as it’s detoxifying and just makes my skin feel great. 🥰

Jumping out of the shower, I grabbed my Turkish towel and dried off. Flossed my teeth with plastic free floss that does’t break in my teeth (always a plus) and rinsed with some alcohol free mouthwash from our refill bar!

I finished off my skin care routine by massaging in my favourite  face cream from anointment, put some soothing skin ointment on the now healing blemish I’m currently sporting and some prickly pear seed oil under my eyes which has seriously reduced the dark circles I’m so self conscious about. Amazing🤩! 

Finally I grabbed my (refillable) routine deodorant and was off to get dressed. 

The only thing I use in the morning we don’t carry at Greenbriar is some hair gel that is literally made in Calgary, comes in a glass jar!

My original intent when I sat down to write today’s email was to highlight how easy it is to switch to more sustainable products for your morning routine and celebrate the changes I’ve personally made and ask you to give yourself a pat on the back for changes you’ve made so far! 👏

I realized there is second takeaway here. As one of our customers, you now know that we just don’t sell any old product in out store. We believe in them, they are part of our lives and they are available at Greenbriar for a reason. 🥇

With that, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day! If you are headed to the Adventure Show this weekend, make sure you stop by and see Melba from Bowness Soapworks. Melba will be there with Bubbles (the soap mobile/motorcycle) and has opportunities for you to win some great prizes! 

Until next week,