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Room + Linen Spray | Bulk
Room + Linen Spray | Bulk

Room + Linen Spray | Bulk


Choose from our most popular Signature Scents to refresh you room or linens. Perfect for freshening up the furniture, spritz the room before guests arrive or to freshen up your laundry without using harsh dryer sheets.

Arctic Aura: Make any space feel like you've stepped into a Nordic Spa.  Reset your mind, body and soul with fresh notes of eucalyptus + mint. 

Botanical Bliss: Step out onto the terrace and inhale fresh of lavender, lemon balm and mint from the garden oasis that surrounds you while you enjoy a few moments of quiet solitude.

Calming Cascades:
Find yourself by the rushing waters of the river valley with a unique combination of clean and spicy scents. Invigorating scents of bayberry + peppermint awaken your senses and refresh your spirit with inner calm.

Coastal Comfort: Transport yourself to rainy coastal cabin days by the fire. Notes of Cuban tobacco, cherry and French vanilla will having you wanting your favourite blanket, a good book and and a comfy spot to listen to the rain.

Evening Escape: Transform your space into a rich lush hideaway. Whether it's your favourite reading nook or a hidden away speakeasy, blended notes of bourbon, vanilla + bergamot, will help you leave behind the troubles and stresses of the day.

Peaceful Prairie: Explore wide open meadows in the height of spring or prairie orchards in the early days of fall. Apple, sweetgrass, cedar + smoke create a light upbeat scent sure to lift your spirits.

Personal Paradise: Feel the sun on your skin as you lay out on the beach of your favourite island getaway. The perfect blend of tropical flowers + fruits, mahogany + sandalwood will melt your cares away.

Snowy Summit: Lift your spirits to the heights of an icy mountain summit. Crisp and fresh with peppermint, musk + fir, experience the exhilaration of breathing in the air on a rocky peak without the 10 hour hike.

Tranquil Tides: Escape to the moody sea side and breathe in the salty air of an ocean breeze as brewing storm clouds roll in over the horizon. 

Urban Unwind:
Relax at home in front of the fire or while soaking in a hot bath. Let notes of sage, vanilla + sandalwood mellow your mood for a chill night in after a day of exploring the back country or a hard day at the office.

Vineyard Vibes: Enjoy a bright summery day at your favourite winery. A light bubbly combination of champagne, sweet orange + field strawberry is the perfect brunch companion. Bottomless mimosas for the senses - yes please!

Wandering Woods: Clear your mind and enchant your senses as you stroll though the forest. Notes of fir, birch + cedar whisk you away to the Canadian wilderness and leaves the stress of city life behind.